Palms Volunteers: Why volunteer?

Annette Pocock in Vunapope, PNG
Despite increasing affluence in the ‘developed’ world, large numbers of people globally still live in poverty, often lacking opportunities to change their situation.

Much of the aid given by wealthy nations is spent on large infrastructure projects, expatriate salaries and short-term solutions.

Volunteering, by contrast, is one of the most effective and sustainable methods for reducing poverty in disadvantaged communities.

Palms Volunteers stay for an average of two years, working side-by-side with local counterparts and sharing the skills that the communities themselves have identified they need.

The solidarity shown by Palms Volunteers in living simply with their hosts allows them to more effectively share the concerns of their local counterparts, identifying with them the best methods to contribute.

Palms Volunteers gain unique insight into another culture, as they live not at a detached distance, but immersed in the everyday lives of local people.

And, over two years, a Palms Volunteer exchanges skills which enable the continued sustainable development long after they return home.

Doctors, teachers, nurses, plumbers, carpenters, accountants, physiotherapists, agriculturalists, lecturers, IT specialists, lawyers, community development workers, mechanics, electricians, builders, project managers and anyone with a profession or trade are encouraged to apply.

Our staff will arrange accommodation, pastoral support, a basic living allowance, return travel to the receiving community and insurance coverage throughout your time in the field.

Prior to departure, Palms’ staff provides a Preparation Program which builds on your credentials and increases your capacity to make a difference cross-culturally.

Since 1961, Palms Australia has been responsible for recruiting, preparing, sending and supporting Australian volunteers for a global mission.

Do you have what it takes to volunteer?

Contact Palms Australia for more information by calling (02) 9560 5333, or completing our online enquiry form.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African proverb