Palms Australia has proudly been delivering effective cross-cultural training solutions for over 55 years.

Our in-house facilitators combine field experience with expertise in development, politics, culture, education, communications, interpersonal health, program design and management to deliver robust, multifaceted cross-cultural training programs. Our extended facilitator network includes experienced doctors, counsellors, linguists, academics, program managers and development workers.

Meeting your unique needs

Our courses can be tailored to suit your organisational or individual needs. After establishing your specific needs and level of existing knowledge, our staff will provide you with engaging, interactive units using a variety of teaching methods to ensure the learning is useful, memorable, professional and fun. We are also able to provide ongoing support in the form of correspondence (theory) units or ongoing advice as required.

Need training on specific topics? No worries. Our extended network of facilitators can provide training on topics as diverse as tropical health and language learning.

We work with individuals, non-government organisations, educational institutions, businesses and government agencies. We can cater to groups whether they are small or large; consisting of diverse make-up and worldviews; consisting of novice or expert learners.

Whether you are considering joining one of our group courses, hiring us for a private tailored workshop or engaging us as consultant advisors on your next project, Palms Australia can help you work more effectively across cultures.

To find out how our cross-cultural training can be tailored to your needs, please complete the form on this page or email