Palms Australia specialises in assisting organisations and individuals to work effectively across cultures. With over 50 years experience providing cross-cultural training to Australian volunteers, our expert team can help you work more efficiently across cultures, whether overseas or here in Australia.

Our sophisticated understanding of health, culture and global development and extensive field experience assists participants to develop practical skills and strategies they will be able to apply throughout their professional and personal lives.

We are able to tailor our training to suit your specific needs, whether they be for individuals or corporate, educational, government or non-government organisations.

We specialise in providing cross-cultural training, pre-departure training, re-entry support and assistance, targeted troubleshooting and in-country support programs. Our pre-departure and re-entry programs have been attended by people travelling and working in over 40 countries across all continents. Our training has also been successfully used by Australian organisations to enhance effective cross-cultural communication in their multicultural teams.

Whether you require two hours or ten days of training, we can tailor a program to suit your needs, selecting the units and themes most relevant to your unique situation. Our yearly pre-departure training course is also open to the public.

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