Palms Australia is looking for corporate partners to support our work in developing communities across Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

By becoming a corporate partner, you will be providing skills to a global community so that they are empowered to take control of their own development.

Our corporate partnerships involve sponsoring a volunteer to share their skills and build local capacity on a long-term placement in a remote, developing community. The volunteer will give two years of their time and over $140,000 in value to the community they’re working in.

No other form of aid is as sustainable or cost effective

You can choose to support work in a field most relevant to your organisation (education, health, trades, etc.), a location most relevant to your business or a volunteer from your own locality, or we can select a project that is most in need of your support.

Palms Australia will provide regular updates on the progress of your partner community and connect you with the volunteer who is placed there. The volunteer will share stories from the field, which provide a fascinating insight into another culture and provide learnings on how we can best work together to address poverty.

Some of the many benefits of forming a corporate partnership include:

  • Building your philanthropic profile and public trust in your brand, both in Australia and overseas;
  • Achieving your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives;
  • Improving staff engagement with your organisation and improve team cooperation;
  • Potential co-branding opportunities in marketing materials and public events;
  • Supporting the development of enterprise, resilience, capacity and self-reliance in developing communities.

Other ways to partner with Palms Australia

Not ready to develop a partnership with a developing community? There are several other ways your organisation can support our work:

To find out more about becoming a Palms Australia Corporate Partner, complete the form on this page or give us a call on (02) 9560 5333.