News: Party Tips

Feeling daunted about hosting a Palms Polycultural Pentecost Party? We’re here to help! Here are a few easy tips to make things happen.



Planning Stage

1. Let Palms know that you are having a party

You nominate the date, time and place and we will prepare a personalised invitation for you to send to your family and friend

2. Email the invitation to your family and friends

If you are comfortable, ask them to bring a friend or two! A bigger party could even exceed your donation target

3. Be creative

For guests who don’t have a favourite of their own cultural food, here are some fast and easy recipes that can be forwarded to them-

10 African Appetisers
10 Asian Appetisers
10 European Appetisers
11 American Appetisers
South Pacific Foods

4. Promote your event through your social media

For family and friends who cannot make it, explain to them how a donation in lieu will assist Palms to support a volunteer and host community for six months.


On the day

  1. Decorate your home, work or church hall with Palms Posters and cultural crafts and artefacts

  2. Put on some Pacific or African music to create the mood.

  3. Welcome the guests, thank them for any plates of food they bring and encourage them to buy some food vouchers

  4. Kick off the event. Encourage guests to share the meaning of the dishes they prepared

  5. Enjoy and have fun! regular_smileDon’t forget to take a few photos to share with us after


After the event

1. Bank the donation

We can provide donation receipt if you can let us know donation amounts and contact details (full name, address, email and phone no.)

2. Share your photos with us


What else will Palms provide?

  • Beautiful concertina cards that succinctly explain Palms various works and their contact details.  These look great standing on a table and will answer all questions guests might have about Palms program.  We’ll send one for each guest so they can take them home.
  • Posters
  • Donation envelopes
  • Links to Pacific or African music
  • Food Vouchers

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