News: Your Palms Polycultural Pentecost Party

Children with balloonsw600You are invited to host a Palms Polycultural Pentecost Party on the weekend of June 3/4!

It’s a simple matter of hosting a few friends to what has the ingredients for an entertaining, enriching, enlightening and edifying party. Why Pentecost? Read Roger’s post here

Event tips:-

  • Simply invite friends (10, 20 or even 100) to your home, work place or parish centre and ask your guests to bring a culturally significant food, or beverage, to share. A dish or drink that could be divided into about five portions would work well.

  • Guests will purchase vouchers at $10 each from the host at the beginning of the night and they can swap the vouchers in exchange for portions of preferred dishes or drinks.

  • After the event, the host deposits the donations with Palms.

The bigger the group the merrier: Ask the visitors to bring a friend or two!

We are here to help! We have lots of ideas to keep this simple.

If you are unsure please also let us know on 02 9560 5333 or email

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