Merry Christmas!

Here at Palms, we love hearing holiday stories from our partner organisations across the world. This year we want to share this holiday cheer further than ever. Which is why this Christmas we have created the opportunity for our valued supporters to give to their friends and family here at home while supporting local development initiatives abroad.

At Palms Gift Shop, you can choose to give a physiotherapy session to a child in Kenya, a day of training for a teacher in Timor Leste, or a week of mentoring for apprentice electrician in Papua New Guinea. When you buy a gift, we’ll send a personalised e-card to a friend or family member of your choice. The price is calculated in hours but the value in future service to the community is priceless. Each and every one of the professionals you help train will give a lifetime of benefit to their community.

Read more about your impact and purchase your e-cards below. From all our partners, a very merry Christmas and thank you for supporting Palms Australia.



Give Health

Palms Australia has health care professionals assisting staff in Kiribati, Kenya, and South Africa, in providing quality medical care to their communities. This assistance includes one of our most recent program participants, Laura Saldanha, a physiotherapist working alongside an occupational therapist in The Ruben Centre, Nairobi. Laura is working with the clinical staff at the Centre to provide mothers and children with physiotherapy. $21 provides a physiotherapy session to a patient at The Ruben Centre and helps the Centre staff to develop their skills in conducting these sessions themselves. To give a physio session, visit the Gift Shop below.

Can’t contribute right now? Help us find doctors for positions in Papua New Guinea by sharing this link.


Give Education

Teachers are one of Palms’ most frequently received requests. We currently have teachers supporting schools across the Asia Pacific. For $47 we can provide a qualified, experienced teacher to mentor alongside a local Timorese teacher for one day. Of course, our teachers work with their counterpart for one to two years, never just a day, but together this support can provide a year of professional skill development for these local educators. Whether they have been abroad for years or a few months, Palms teacher mentors are passionate about instilling a lifelong love of learning in staff as much as students. They are incredible advocates for the valuable role of educators both in Australia and abroad. To give a day of teacher training, visit our Gift Shop below.

Can’t contribute right now? You can support education in the Pacific by helping us find teachers for open positions in Timor Leste, Kiribati, Myanmar, and Samoa.


Give Infrastructure and Trades

Of course, there can be no hospitals or schools without the talented tradespeople who build and maintain these facilities. Palms proudly supports the work of local tradespeople who contribute ongoing skills to their local communities. Brian MacDonald is a qualified electrician with over 30 years of experience. He is providing local skill development and helping to improve safe practice in electrical infrastructure in Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea. For $326, you can support one week of training for an apprentice electrician in Mt Hagen. One such apprentice, Tep Tengdui, recently sent us a fascinating photo series from the Mt Hagen cultural festival where he explained why it is so important to hold on to cultural traditions. Give the gift of apprentice training below in the Gift Shop.

Can’t contribute right now? You can help us find tradies for open positions in Myanmar and Papua New Guinea by sharing this link.


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