Palms CommUNITY: 99% Challenge

What can you do to challenge poverty?

Take the 99% Challenge

If you can live on just 99% of your income, just think about what the other 1% could do.

Palms Australia’s volunteers spend two years living simply, working for less than 10% of an average Australian wage, exchanging skills and contributing to long-term sustainable development.
You might not be able to volunteer right now, but if only ten Australians take the
99% Challenge they can provide an overseas community with a volunteer teacher, administrator, tradesperson, doctor or nurse. Can you be one of ten?

Can you live on 99%?

To give 1% of your salary, You may email your payroll officer here. Alternately, download and complete the 99% Challenge payroll form for your pay officer.



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Recurring donations will be deducted on a regular basis, until Palms Australia or Paypal is notified to stop. Upon clicking “Donate”, you will be forwarded to an external site, hosted by Paypal, to securely transmit your credit card or paypal account details. Please check the form on the next page to confirm the transaction details are correct. In this instance, Palms Australia does not handle your credit card details but will receive notification of your address.

In the event Palms Australia raises monies in excess of the amount needed for a given placement, donations made towards this placement will be used for placements with similar development outcomes. For more information contact Palms Australia.


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Call Palms on 02 9560 5333 to discuss your contribution, or use our enquiry form.


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