Palms CommUNITY

CommUNITY is an initiative of Palms Australia aimed at connecting Australian and global communities through our volunteer program.

It is an opportunity for those who are unable to volunteer, to support those who have chosen to give two years of their life to developing communities. CommUNITY provides an opportunity for Australians to benefit from the experience of volunteers and other cultures.

CommUNITY provides most of the financial support required to keep a volunteer in placement for two years. Palms can place a teacher in Papua New Guinea for two years by raising as little as $13,250 through CommUNITY Support.

Compare this amount to what this teacher would earn over two years in Australia and the value is obvious. CommUNITY contributions are spent only on program costs (all administration costs are covered by grants from our Australian Global Volunteer Network (AGVN)), so you know that your money is used wisely.

In addition, CommUNITY contributes to long-term sustainability for the overseas communities hosting a volunteer. By exchanging skills, Palms’ volunteers reduce the community’s dependence on future aid.

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