Our Members

Palms Australia is a unique independent and democratic organisation, open to the direction of its members. The board has seven directors elected by the membership. It is an agency whose legal structure is voluntary, not-for-profit and non-government.

Palms Australia maintains around 300 members from diverse backgrounds. To become a member one needs to be approved by the board and make a membership payment.

If you would like to become a member of Palms Australia, please get in touch or download a copy of our membership form.


Palms Australia currently has five staff members in our Sydney office supported by a number of volunteers in our office, in-country and interstate.

Roger O’Halloran
Executive Director
Christine O’Halloran
Country Program Coordinator
Lucia Salim
Finance &
Businesss Coordinator
Joey Cheng
Events & Executive Support
Kevin Wilson
Communications & IT

Board of Directors

Dr Antony Faa

Senior MO, Warwick Hospital
Palms participant, PNG 2002-04

Kristina Gunawan

Palms participant,
Timor-Leste 2010-12

Peter Smyth

Palms participant, PNG 2010-12

Brendan Joyce

BSc; Grad Dip Ed; Grad Cert RE
Palms participant,
Bougainville 2003-04
Palms Assistant Director

Ivapene Seiuli

B Soc Work; M Int Soc Dev (Dev)
Palms Australia staff 2003-06
Palms In-Country Manager,
PNG 2007-10, Samoa 2015-

Bishop Eugene Hurley

Ordained 1964
Bishop, Port Pirie Diocese 1998-2007
Bishop, Darwin Diocese 2007-

Prof Marea Nicholson

Dip Teach; Grad Dip Ed St;
BA; M Ed; PhD
Assoc VC, Aust Catholic University

Fr Thomas McDonough CP

Provincial Superior, Passionists Aust, NZ, PNG, Vanuatu.
VP Catholic Religious Australia

Roger O’Halloran
Executive Director

B Arts; Grad Dip Ed; M Ed (Administration)
Palms Participant, Samoa 1993-94

Our Patrons

Palms Australia is proud to have the following patrons of our organisation.

H.E. Dr Jose Ramos Horta

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Past President and Prime Minister Timor-Leste

Deacon Gary Stone

Australian Defence Force Chaplain
Peacekeeper Timor-Leste
Founding member Friends and Partners with East Timor

The role of patron includes, but is not limited to:

  • Enhancing the status of Palms Australia by their willingness to be publically associated with the objectives and activities.
  • Providing advice and counsel on general directions or specific activities of Palms Australia.
  • Attending public events of Palms Australia as VIPs and from time to time, participate in significant events.
  • Attending fundraising events or support fundraising activities.

Members may nominate further individuals, whom they believe would assist promote the vision and mission of Palms Australia.