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Youth Aid Uganda

Youth Aid Uganda
Youth AID Uganda (YAU) established in 2001 is a Non-Governmental Organization focusing on the survival, protection and development of children and Youth. Youth AID uses human rights based approach in advancing the interventions to the children and youth contemporary social problems.

The formation of YAU was to promote youth development particularly in the field of livelihood and life skills for sustainable development.  YAU runs programmes educating youth in health (including HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and healthy lifestyles), livelihood development (tailoring, IT, small business skills and functional literacy), and human rights.

Youth Aid Uganda sought two Youth Development Workers to work with local staff and volunteers, assisting with distribution of materians, organisation of workshops, increasing youth participation and strengthening the organisation.

Elly Armagos

Elly Elly Armagos has volunteered to work with Youth Aid Uganda, developing their programs and strengthening the organisation.

Elly has completed a Bachelor of Youth Studies and several shorter courses related to community work. Elly has experience working with youth and with other community groups in Melbourne.

In 2008 Elly worked with Indigenous Australian youth in the Northern Territory in a literacy and story-telling project aimed at both engaging young people in addressing education issues and providing an opportunity for stories of people in remote communities to be heard.

She was nominated for a Rotary Youth Leadership Award in 2006 in recognition of her leadership skills and took part in Rotary’s personal and professional development program.  Elly has previously volunteered with Palms Australia and KIDADE in Uganda.

Field Trips: Developing Relationships

August 29, 2011

Elly Armagos and Andy Moulton have recently completed placements with Youth Aid Uganda in Kampala.
With a large group of eager volunteers anticipating departure and even more partners eager to host and work with them, Palms’ staff undertook two field trips – Brendan to South Africa, Uganda and Kenya in May/June and Christine and Barry, shortly afterwards, through Timor-Leste.

Field Trips have two dimensions. Firstly, we visit volunteers and partners already working together, providing personal support and evaluating the effectiveness of the development work in which they are engaged.

Heath Thompson with Brigida, Zelia and Senor Pereira at Fundacao Lafaek Diak in Triloka, Timor-Leste.
While some volunteers are determinedly independent, and seek little support from Palms, all appreciate such a visit and it is a vital part of maintaining effective working relationships between Palms, our partners and our volunteers. Sometimes even the independent types are surprised by how much they benefit from a visit by someone who understands.

Anne Chapman shares some fresh fruit with Christine O’Halloran in Atabae.
Secondly, Field Trips allow us to scope future opportunities for partnership, assessing requests for volunteers against Palms’ mission – what will a volunteer be able to achieve here? – and assessing the conditions in which a volunteer will have to live and work – will a volunteer feel secure enough to last a full placement term or build the close relationships necessary for skill exchange?

Seeing the assignment locations and meeting the partners firsthand allows Palms’ staff to make some difficult decisions when it comes to prioritising one placement over another when faced with limited numbers of volunteers or limited funds required to send them.

Fr Angelo training youth in IT in Dili
It is a difficult triage, when all of our partner organisations are so welcoming, often travelling out of their way to meet you, providing hospitality on arrival and sharing genuinely warm, human interactions. Never during our field trips did we feel anything but safe, such was the care provided by our hosts.

So while, sadly, some partner’s requests will remain unfulfilled for now, it is with pride that Palms is able to fill placements with Holy Family Care Centre in Ofcolaco, South Africa; the Archdiocese of Tororo and St Anthony’s Hospital in Tororo, Uganda; Dili Diocese, Ahisaun Foundation, Haburas Moris and Eskola Teknika Agrikola in East Timor.

Gerever Niwagabe, Lorrain Kirk and Namirimu Olive at Kawempe Home Care in Kampala
These organisations all have a long history of working in their community and of hosting Palms’ volunteers. They have both the resources to ensure the volunteers can be safe and therefore effective, and the shared commitment to building their communities, while working with the most disadvantaged, whether they be HIV-positive children, youth with disabilities, women, rural communities, or simply those unable to afford medical care.

Human Rights and Youth in Uganda

June 9, 2011

Elly Armagos and Andy Moulton are youth workers from Melbourne currently volunteering in Kampala with Youth Aid Uganda. Here, Elly shares her observations of the challenges facing young people and the importance of their work.

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Elly Armagos’ CommUNITY News no. 2

April 20, 2011

At Youth Aid Uganda, we are working towards freeing children and youth from these human rights violations. One such method is through the current Child labour Prevention and Rehabilitation project.

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Population: 32,369,558

Area: 241,038 sq. km.

Median Age: 15

Literacy: 66.8 %

Languages: English, Luganda, various Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili, Arabic

Uganda is a geographically and culturally diverse nation. The South Eastern part of the country is dominated by Lake Victoria, which flows into the White Nile before it winds through Sudan and Egypt. Other large lakes are located in the West and centre of the country. In the 1970s, Uganda was famous for human rights […]

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