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South Tarawa Kiribati

Kiribati Dave Le BretonThe Diocese of Tarawa provides services to over half of the 112,000 population of Kiribati. This tiny Pacific nation faces many challenges over the coming years.

As rising sea levels reduce the already meagre land area of its coral atolls, the population calling this nation home is steadily increasing. Kiribati’s limited agriculture may also be affected, leading to poor nutrition as the dependence on imported goods increases.
The growing population has led to increased pollution in their lagoons and reduced the sustainability of its subsistence fishing industry. International fishing interests are also damaging limited fish resources, as well as increasing prostitution among girls desperate to reduce their poverty. The HIV infection rate is increasing steadily.

The Catholic Diocese of Tarawa & Nauru in Kiribati runs a variety of education, health, livelihood and social welfare services for the people of Kiribati aimed at reducing the impact of the above problems. As the major religion of the population, it has the capacity to educate, care for and support a great number of people.

Palms Australia received a request from the Bishop of Tarawa & Nauru for an experienced and qualified person to manage, train and support staff in the local ‘income-generating’ Diocesan Workshop. The Workshop employs 7 staff, and provides made to order items such as school desks and furniture, as well as welding and mechanical repairs.

Dave Le Breton


David Le Breton has many years of experience in bricklaying, concreting and carpentry. According to one of Dave’s referees “he can turn his hand to any job”. His all-around skills in carpentry and basic mechanics, and having run his own small business for a number of years, has provided Dave with many of the skills to assist the Diocesan Workshop.

In addition, Dave is a dedicated, voluntary fire-fighter. Being a resident of the Blue Mountains (Katoomba), his commitment to fire-fighting was evident in the recent fires.

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David Le Breton’s second Palms volunteer placement will involve sharing trade and management skills at the Teaoraereke Village Workshop in Kiribati.

Former volunteer Paul Tan working on a new water pump with local staff in the Diocesan Office.Johannes Wungun and Esther Sim at Kiunga missionPaul Tan (left) and Esther Sim (right) will take up their second Palms placement, this time sharing their HR, IT and accounting skills with our partners at Organisation Haburas Moris (OHM) in Maliana, Timor-Leste.

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Population: 105,088

Area: 811 sq. km.

Median Age: 20.6

Literacy: 94 %

Languages: I-Kiribati, English

The Republic of Kiribati is an island nation located in the central Pacific Ocean. The country’s 33 atolls are scattered over 3,500,000 square kilometres. The isolation of Kiribati has led to a unique culture, rich in singing and dancing. Family and community are central to this traditional fishing society, but life does not always match […]

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