Palms Volunteers: Positions Vacant

Palms Australia currently has many requests from partner communities for volunteers to begin placements in a variety of fields. Commonly we are seeking people with any of the following skills:

  • Health: nurses, doctors (GPs, surgeons and specialists), physiotherapists, natural therapists, dental professionals, other specialists…
  • Education: school teachers, lecturers, adult educators, English-language teachers (TESOL), vocational trainers…
  • Technical skills: carpenters, electricians, builders, plumbers, mechanics, IT professionals…
  • Administration: accountants, project managers, relationship managers, human resources
  • Numerous other requests pop up from time to time – if you have a particular qualification and experience which might be of use to one of our partner communities, please enquire online or call (02) 9560 5333.

We welcome enquiries from suitable candidates in these sectors or from skilled or professional people in any other field.  For a full list of countries in which we have partner organisations, visit our Where We Work page.

Below is a short selection of the sectors  which Palms Australia is seeking to fill, though our database of requests is much larger.

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