Palms Australia specialises in assisting organisations and individuals across a diverse range of cross-cultural work. With over 50 years experience preparing and supporting Australians for work around the globe, our team can provide training to any organisation seeking to enhance their cross-cultural outcomes.

Palms Cross-Cultural training enables maximum effectiveness when dealing with individuals, businesses or other organisations across contexts. Our understanding of health, culture, development and field experience will enable your staff to develop practical and versatile skills and strategies they will actually use in the field.

We are able to cater our training to each organisation’s needs, whether they be corporate, educational, government or non-government organisations. We specialise in providing pre-deployment training, re-entry support and assistance designing, trouble-shooting and evaluating development programs.

Our pre-deployment and re-entry programs have been used by individuals travelling and working in over 40 countries in all continents. Many of the units have also been used by Australian organisations attempting to enhance the effectiveness of their multicultural teams.

Whether you require two hours or ten days training, we can tailor a program to your needs, selecting the units and themes most relevant to your situation. Alternatively, you may be able to participate in one of our public workshops.

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