Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Two minute videos capture the benefits of volunteering

Palms is proud to release five new videos outlining a number of different perspectives on global volunteering. These brief videos allow you to hear how volunteers, Timorese partners and donors view Palms volunteers, and how they contribute to global justice.

Volunteers speak from Timor-Leste

In our latest Youtube video, three Palms volunteers speak about why volunteering is important and why people should volunteer with Palms Australia.

9 of our favourite Ted Talks by Women

It’s International Women’s Day. What greater reason to spend some time watching these inspiring videos from women across the world.

Video: Josie Sirivi congratulates Palms Australia on 50 years

Josie Sirivi, the Director of Tunaniya Open Learning Centre in Bougainville, has recorded this message of congratulations for Palms on the occasion of our Golden Jubilee. 50 years of volunteers.

What a terrible thing, to have lived quite comfortably, with no suffering, not getting involved in problems, quite tranquil, quite settled,
with good connections politically, economically, socially, lacking nothing, having everything. - Oscar Romero