Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Engaging the Australian Community

To offer best practice in global volunteering it is essential to both recruit appropriate volunteers and develop the necessary income to support their placement.

Programs and Support

“Relationships are a funny thing. They are hard enough to maintain in your own community, not to mention the difficulties you are faced with in a cross-cultural situation.”

Programs and Support

The following are personal placement reflections from just two of the twenty PALMS volunteers who returned from placement in the last twelve months.

Director’s Report

The year has really been very similar to the cycle of one who goes to live cross-culturally. Beginning with a wonderful honeymoon period where on the surface life can seem idyllic before illusions are shattered and the dawning reality can take one to the pits.

President’s Report

“What vision do we share now for the working poor, refugees, the elderly, the hungry of this world?”

There is both a moral and social responsibility attaching to these experiences of foreign cultures,
and if nothing awakens in our own soul, making claims and demands upon us,
calling us to change the way we live, then we have been merely parasites and invaders. - David Tacey