Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Upcoming events

In 2013, we have scheduled Information Sessions, Re-entry workshop, Orientation Course, Palms Encounters, a book launch and our second annual Solidarity Awards.

Volunteer research published

Nichole Georgeou’s book ‘Neoliberalism, Development and Aid Volunteering’ has been published, bring together research conducted with Palms Australia and the University of Wollongong.

Breaking bread and sowing new seed

Stories shared at the Jubilee Launch at the January Orientation Course also assisted staff to re-value how a Palms placement helps us all to grow. Sitting, observing and listening on these occasions gives pause again to appreciate how the giver reaps rewards.

Working Positively with Philosophical Tensions

Nichole Georgeou’s research, undertaken on a cohort of Palms’ volunteers over three years (2006-2009), has received a commendation from one examiner and was described the thesis as ‘a path-breaking ethnographic study’ by the second. Nichole uses a framework that contrasts ‘neo-liberal technocratic’ and ‘political dynamic’ approaches to development volunteering to examine her findings. She explains […]

Research demonstrates Palms’ commitment to best practice

“Palms Australia has always prided itself on critical self-evaluation.” Mr O’Halloran said. “This research demonstrates our honest reflection that if volunteering is to be an appropriate response to global injustice, it must reflect the changing and complex realities of host communities.”

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