Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

The next 50 years

Following a detailed period of reflection and consultation, beginning with our organisational review in November, we’ve come up with what we believe more clearly articulates our vision and mission and the approach necessary to achieve them.

Considering future options

The message is clear. To get any funding we must once again convince AusAID and our Members of Parliament of the merits of continued support for Palms.

6 months in

The centre is dedicated to build capacity and develop leadership skills for the poor; to increase the independence of the vulnerable and
young unemployed men and women. And so far it is showing a positive channel with a good result in keeping the youth off the streets.

Acceptance, understanding and care

For the next few days I had the local women coming to me to say they heard I can write in Sepedi, congratulating me and asking how I learnt it.

Papua New Guinea Field Trip

A recent trip to Madang and Kiunga provided many insights into the importance of our volunteers and our approach to volunteering.

Volunteer feedback influences approach

While identifying needs is important, Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) looks to address these by building on the assets that exist within the local community.

What is volunteering?

I learnt so much throughout my placement both professionally and personally. I learnt to be patient; most good development takes time. I learnt to be flexible; sometimes I wasn’t right in what I thought, so it was important for me to listen to find the right path for development.

October 31st – Save the date

This year, we are reaching out to establish new corporate partnerships. Australian businesses can benefit too from engaging cross-culturally through Palms’ programs.

A generous spirit

I had a feeling that I had met someone rather special one day when in the staffroom one of the teachers, James Kissima, was talking to me passionately about the responsibility of teachers to do their absolute best given the sacrifice that some families make to send their students to school.

I need your assistance with an introduction

Writing to businesses without an introduction is not the best way to get a meeting so I need the help of all Palms current supporters: I need your help.

Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I'll understand. - Chinese proverb