Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Re-Entry: Living cross-culturally presents a mix of emotions.

To our amazement, it has been quite difficult settling back into our culture and Palms, with their wealth of experience and the re-entry programme, have assisted and supported us along this path.”

Beyond July: What comes after World Youth Day?

Given that World Youth Day will be upon us very soon, now is a great time to consider how the experience will affect Australians beyond July 2008.

Opening our hands to the world

As we come to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Paulian Association, we also reflect upon the rich memories and achievements of Palms volunteers and supporters: people who have shared their gifts and lives with the world over the past five decades.

Update – Research into Volunteering

Nichole’s doctoral research will provide important insights into the role that cross-national volunteers play in sustainable development projects.

Executive Director’s Report

If we “open our hands to the world” like this we are adopting a posture that will enable us to successfully live by Palms values, achieve Palms vision, or accomplish the three threads of the Palms mission.

Continuing the Paulian Vision

By truly making the effort to recognise his captors as people who shared the universal need for understanding, acceptance and care, Roy was able to get past the more superficial divisions that had been the main cause of the conflict.

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. - Kahlil Gibran