Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

50 years infographic

The infographic below was first featured in Palms Post, March 2012.  A more complete infographic is available at our recent blog post.

Infographic: What do 50 years of volunteers look like?

Check out our 50 years infographic, showing what is possible when a small group of people in 1961 decide to start a volunteer program.

Mission with the vision of a revolutionary

Clair and Merv in 2011 So much has occurred over the past fifty years and like an old soldier, age has wearied me. I understand that Eileen Boylan has just celebrated her ninetieth birthday. It was her late husband, Roy, with his crumpled-up tie and carpet slippers, who led a PALMS committee that was a […]

AGM and Jubilee dinner

The AGM and Jubilee Dinner to celebrate Palms’ fifty years of international development volunteering was attended by 140 guests. AusAID’s Dr Gemma Edgar’s gave the keynote address, “How grassroots agencies like Palms enhance Australia’s development effectiveness”.

Journalism in a newly independent nation

More than 30 years ago I gave up my job with top-rating radio station 2SM to run a newspaper in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.

The Roadshow rolls on!

After 50 years of humble service, Palms finally decided it was time to blow our own trumpet. Usually, we get access to a parish here or a school there at the discretion of the local priest or principal and the patience of people who sometimes, understandably, feel fatigued.

Upcoming Events: Get involved

Our call for people to renew or begin their membership was the first step in trying to get active members, who participate in setting Palms’ Strategic Direction which influences all that we do.

This year offers great opportunities for participation and we hope you can take part in two more major events this year (non-members are also most welcome).

50th Anniversary Dinner 22 Oct 2011–Book Now!

Palms Australia cordially invites you to the 50th Anniversary celebration! The celebration will be on Saturday 22 October 2011. We welcome Palms’ members to attend the AGM meeting at 6pm.  Jubilee Dinner & Celebration will start at 7pm. If you are not a member of Palms but would like to attend the AGM meeting, just simply fill in […]

Jubilee Roadshow

Palms Australia’s Jubilee celebrations continue with events in Orange, Wagga Wagga and Bathurst from 6 – 14 August. These events follow appeals and talks held in Rockhampton and Townsville, with Palms’ staff and returned volunteers speaking at schools, churches and other public events.

Teaching in New Guinea, 1970

Last edition we featured a letter from Colleen Keating, a volunteer teacher in Madang in the late 1960s. This prompted Manfred Hacker to share his memories of teaching in Alexishafen in 1970. We look forward to the next installment from a returnee.

Breaking bread and sowing new seed

Stories shared at the Jubilee Launch at the January Orientation Course also assisted staff to re-value how a Palms placement helps us all to grow. Sitting, observing and listening on these occasions gives pause again to appreciate how the giver reaps rewards.

Round table on volunteering

Join a table of experts as they discuss current understandings of the intersection between mission, development and volunteering.

Palms’ Jubilee Year Launched in Mittagong

As part of Palms’ Jubilee launch, returnees were invited to share their memories of their time with Palms, including what they believed was the most significant change from their experience. A few such insights are shared in this article.

Remembering 1960s Madang

We have been blessed recently to receive a number of emails and letters from returned volunteers dating back to PALMS’ earliest years. Featured here are the recollections of Colleen Keating of her time in Madang over 40 years ago.

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