Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Did you forget someone this Christmas?

It really doesn’t take much to substantially change the future for our friends in East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, South Africa, Thailand, Zambia, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Before you plan this Christmas, please consider adding Palms to your Christmas list.

CoffUp Is Live – Twist some arms and help us spread the word

Our fundraising fanatic Sean Dostal launches Palms’ new coffee fundraising drive and shows how you can feed your community’s coffee addiction and raise money for Palms.

A focus on wellbeing

Australian Unity Foundation has recognised Palms Australia’s programs as a good way to promote wellbeing globally and in Australia.

Many hands

We are happy to welcome the newest member of Palms Australia’s team, Sean Dostal, in the role of Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator.

What do we need at Christmas?

I am wondering what to get the kids for Christmas. My kids are aged 14 – 29 so you can guess that technology figures high on the list. Smart phones, computers, gaming consoles and the like seem to be the go, but how much is a reasonable spend?

How do we measure “reasonable” when it comes to our own? We would give them anything despite knowing it might be excessive. I know that without another thing they really do have the resources to realise a full life.

Inaugural Solidarity Awards a tremendous success

Palms Australia’s inaugural Solidarity Awards evening was declared a tremendous success, with guests excited by addresses by Palms’ Patrons, Dr José Ramos Horta and Deacon Gary Stone.

Palms Inaugural Solidarity Awards & Fundraising Dinner

Palms is proud to announce our Inaugural Solidarity Awards Dinner, featuring a keynote address by former President and Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, Dr José Ramos Horta and Master of Ceremonies, Indira Naidoo.

We’re in the running, but we need your help.

This Sunday 12th August, our Executive Director and Assistant Director will be running 14km from Sydney’s CBD to Bondi Beach.

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