Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Opening our hands to the world

Fiona Cairns with two blind students, Goroka 2008

In the last edition of Palms Post, as part of our celebrations for the Golden Jubilee of the Paulian Association, we reflected upon the memories and achievements of Palms volunteers and staff from the 1960s, 70’s and 80’s. In this edition, we move into the 1990’s and the first decade of the new millennium.

Papua New Guinea Field Trip

“It is sometimes difficult to imagine that much change can be made, but each Palms volunteer I visited was testament to the possibilities.”

Frances Scurfield’s letter from Mingende

The cash economy is bypassing the traditional community and it is very sad. One result of this is the amount of drug abuse.

True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice. - Martin Luther King Jr