Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

CoffUp Is Live – Twist some arms and help us spread the word

Our fundraising fanatic Sean Dostal launches Palms’ new coffee fundraising drive and shows how you can feed your community’s coffee addiction and raise money for Palms.

Fair Trade for Christmas

A number of great reasons to buy your Christmas presents from the Fair Trade coffee company.
Support coffee producers; support volunteers exchanging skills; reduce waste; increase the amount your friends appreciate your gifts.

Give a human being this Christmas

Palms Australia have challenged Australians this year to “Forget the goat. This Christmas give a human being.”

Fairtrade Coffee for Christmas – the perfect gift

Our Fairtrade Coffee and Drinking Chocolate make the perfect gifts for Christmas. They’re environmentally friendly, ethically produced and give back to producer communities. They’re also delicious and you know your friends and family will use them.

Can you spare $2 per day for 2 weeks?

The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand is asking people to spend just $2 a day for two weeks to ensure their purchases protect the rights of workers.

Fair Trade Coffee Company online

Palms Australia’s venture The Fair Trade Coffee Company now offers online ordering to customers within Australia, with free delivery for orders over 4kg.

Why is our PNG Fairtrade Coffee so good?

Coffee is the number one cash crop in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, with over two million people depending on money earned from coffee to cover basic living expenses such as food, children’s school fees, clothing and medicines.

Beating the Drum for Fair Trade

A Sambalouco musician On Saturday 9th May, patrons at The Fair Trade Coffee Company and the Glebe community were treated to a display of Brazilian drumming and dancing by individuals from the performance group, Sambalouco. Drumming took place in ten cities around the globe, this World Fair Trade Day, to demonstrate solidarity in promoting fair […]

Palms Australia welcomes Cardinal Pell…

As part of his visit to St James’ Parish, Archbishop of Sydney, George Cardinal Pell visited Palms Australia’s head office on Thursday 13th November 2008.

Crossing cultures: there to here

With the suggestion of “reverse volunteering” already in mind, when Linh called Palms to enquire further about “hospitality internship”, the time seemed right to begin a pilot project.

Fair Trade

“All human hearts are welcome here. Whatever their colour, creed, condition or philosophy, (we seek to trade fairly in all our dealings) because everyone is just like you and me wanting happiness, and disliking suffering.”

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African proverb