Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Congratulations Annette Parker

Lady Kaludia Matane, PNG Governor General Sir Paulias Matane and Sr Annette Parker OBE Palms Australia would like to extend congratulations to Sr Annette Parker OLSH on her recent OBE for services to the Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea. Annette was one of Palms’ first volunteers, departing for Vunapope in 1962. Upon her return […]

Encounter Principles

When designing this program, Palms Australia was careful to ensure that the principles which inform our development work should not be abandoned simply because an Encounter is not a development project.

Palms Encounter: Timor-Leste

The encounter has the ability to change the way you see yourself and how you can contribute to humanity on a profound level.

Letters from the field: Thai/Burma border

Australian Catholic University (ACU) presented certificates or diplomas in Liberal Studies to 16 students from Mae Sot refugee camp at the Thai/Burma border.

Letters from the field: Lorrain Kirk

Although KIFAD clients who have tested positive receive their ARV (anti-retroviral medication) for HIV/AIDS free of charge or for a small amount of 500 shillings (25 cents), transport costs to and from treatment centres are a very big challenge for many.

Field Trip: Papua New Guinea

While large-scale projects – roads, mobile phone towers, mines, etc. – prided by governments and corporations, capture our attention from a distance; the small, local activities are most meaningful to people’s lives.

Social Capital: Kathy, Peter and Angela

For the last ten years, Kathy Brick has served as Palms’ State Representative in Melbourne. With all they do for Palms it’s only fair to consider the De Haas family Palms’ “force from the North”.

Letters from the field: farewell Donna

Rosita works as a dental assistant and has learnt to clean teeth and do dental screening. She has become a very close friend, it was really hard saying goodbye knowing that I won’t see her again for a very long time.

Letters from the field: farewell Ellie

Towards the end one of my other students, Saturnino said, “We hope you felt loved Teacher.” That’s exactly how I did feel. Such an explosion of joy and appreciation filled me that I couldn’t cry, I just felt so incredibly alive.

Partner’s Perspective: Appreciation from Timor-Leste

We are most appreciative of the fact that you have been so wonderful in supporting us with the placement of Monica. She has been a fantastic support within the overall professional development program, especially at a time when we had so many of the staff who were engaged in the completion of their Masters in Education.

Submitting to reflection and analysis

I am writing a paper for a roundtable discussion at Deakin University on Mission and Development. I don’t know how I was chosen, but the eve of Palms’ Jubilee made it both hard to resist and the last thing I needed to add to my workload. I was won over finally by my thinking that […]

There is much more to doing good work than "making a difference." There is the principle of first do no harm.
There is the idea that those who are being helped ought to be consulted over the matters that concern them. - Teju Cole