Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Social Capital: Kathy, Peter and Angela

Deon Goosen, Kathy Brick and Peter Fletcher at the 1993 Orientation Course

For the last ten years, Kathy Brick has served as Palms’ State Representative in Melbourne. With all they do for Palms it’s only fair to consider the De Haas family Palms’ “force from the North”.

Staff Movements

Benjamin Oh, with Colleen Malone

It is an interesting time at Palms at the moment, with new staff to welcome and departing staff to farewell.

Continuing a Longitudinal relationship with Ahisaun (new placements)

Lukas and Kristina

Beyond the volunteer, Palms as an organisation believes very strongly in maintaining strong and healthy relationships with our partners, those communities and organisations who host Palms volunteers. Just one of these many “organisational” relationships has been the one with the Ahisaun Disabilities Foundation, in Dili, East Timor.


Participants at Palms' Re-entry Weekend

During Palms’ Re-entry Weekend, 22nd — 24th May at The Hermitage Mittagong, one of the highlights is the opportunity for returned volunteers to share their stories with people with similar experiences.

Timor-Leste Photo Essay

Daniel, Fr Adriano, Christine and Benjamin

A photo essay through Timor-Leste.

Partner’s Perspective: a letter from Ahisaun

The Ahisaun Community

We met many people from Palms’ organisation who supported us, including Mr Michael and Mrs Cheree, who returned to Australia following security concerns in 2006. Following this we received two new volunteers, Mr Daniel and his wife Mrs Beth.

The Friends of Ermera

Ellie (centre) with Lee Norris and Jan Trezise from Friends of Ermera

In response to requests from the Ermera District Administration, Friends of Ermera developed as our primary focus support for the provision of education throughout the District.

Evaluation: Finding out what is, and can be, achieved

Primarily, evaluation is about determining if our vision and mission is being achieved in keeping with our key value of solidarity.

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. - Unknown