Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Field Trip: Papua New Guinea

While large-scale projects – roads, mobile phone towers, mines, etc. – prided by governments and corporations, capture our attention from a distance; the small, local activities are most meaningful to people’s lives.

Letters from PNG: Nurse Training

I have recently discovered that I live in what was the morgue of the old hospital, but despite a widespread customary belief in the spirit world I have not had any ghostly experiences.

Letter from Vunapope, PNG

The papers just keep coming in and include weekly revision worksheets, but I have learned a lot of it has to do with preparation and the clarity in which you ask the questions and learning how the girls interpret and understand things.

Letter from the field (6 months)

Nurses are certainly the primary caregivers in PNG and the backbone of the health care system. Doctors are mainly found in large provincial hospitals and about 75% of all nurses work in rural health care facilities.

Don't listen to the World Bank. Listen to the people on the ground. They have all the solutions in the world. - Bunker Roy