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Ten Great Reasons to Support Our Work

  1. Poverty Reduction – Long-term poverty reduction comes from “sustainable” development and capacity building, not just handouts. Volunteer sending is an innovative approach to development and overseas aid.
  2. Empowerment & Self-Determination – By encouraging skills exchange and training of local people, overseas communities are empowered to take sustainable development into their own hands.
  3. People & Relationships – Volunteer sending is more than just an approach to development. It is about engaging and linking people across cultures and fostering long-term relationships.
  4. Community Links – Through our extensive community development program we ensure that everyone benefits from our increased awareness and cross-cultural understanding.
  5. Value for Money – The average placement costs just $30,000 per year. The value of their contribution is at least worth their Australian wage forgone, approximately $70,000-$120,000. We send at least $70,000 worth of volunteer value for $30,000.
  6. Training – Preparation and support is an important part of the Global Volunteer program. Our comprehensive preparation program ensures participants are prepared for their cross-cultural placement, making their work more effective.
  7. Support Fellow Australians – You are helping Australians to help others by sharing their skills and knowledge with communities in need.
  8. Put Your Money Where It Matters To You – No matter what your passion is – we support it too! Whether you belive in environmental, sustainable development or improvements in education and health – you can contribute by supporting a community that requests a Global Volunteer to work in that field.
  9. Contributing to Australia – Your money goes overseas – and benefits come back! You will support Australians to work with communities in need overseas, but then they will come home to contribute their new skills and understanding with the Australian community.
  10. Tax-deductible – All donations over $2 to Palms Overseas Fund are tax-deductible.


We send volunteers like Mary Seong who is directly tackling the massive problem of infant/maternal fatality rates in Timor-Leste which are around 44 deaths per 1000 births. She is developing the skills of local midwifes and helping to establish a local birthing centre to provide regular antenatal/postnatal surveillance that we take for granted and save lives. Read more about her story.

Direct financial contributions are the most efficient way to support the communities who request our volunteers.

A regular monthly donation is often the easiest way to help. This enables Palms to provide assistance  over the long-term through our volunteers who typically devote 2 years of their lives to these communities.

We welcome all contributions – you can make your donation online or call us on 02 9518 9551.


Other ways that you can help 

  • Become a member of Palmsread more about member benefits and apply
  • Buy delicious, Fair Trade organic coffee/tea/hot chocolate from for yourself or your staff room (tell the boss that happier workers are more productive) – approximately 40-50% of sales support Palms.
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