Palms Post: September 2006

Annual Report 2006
The financial year of 2005/2006 was the last year in which Palms received AusAID funding. While this may have been a death-knell for some agencies, Palms has been able to look at the positives, including a greater engagement with our Australian members and the wider community and the freedom to focus on volunteering as it should be done, with a focus on the relationships built. The Annual Report details the developments of the past year as well as our vision for the future. It can be viewed or downloaded in whole or part by using the links below.

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President’s Report

One of the great attributes of this organisation that I recognise in my new role as President of the Board is the number of practical ways that this vision is implemented.

Executive Director’s Report

While the horizon during 2005-06 remained steadier than we found on the big dipper of 2004-05, we need to be sure as we begin 2006-07 that we are not looking at a mirage.

Programs and Support

There are many people to thank for supporting Palms: the volunteers who willingly share their skills in a cross-cultural context, our overseas partners who continue to request Palms volunteers, highlighting the comprehensive preparation that our volunteers receive, and our Australian donors and supporters.

Engaging the Australian Community

People like hearing Palms volunteers’ stories. The experiences of a volunteer provide a positive contrast to the fear propagated by much of the mainstream media. The stories shared are an example of entering into an intercultural relationship with open hands.

Palms Poet – Little Children

A poem by Hila Sukkar, Palms volunteer in Gizo, Nila and Wagina, Solomon Islands

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have. - Emile Chartier