Palms Post: November 2012 Palms Post

This edition contains Roger’s reflection on the value of our Solidarity Awards Dinner, a wonderful selection of photos from the evening and an article on our award winners.

Though not all supporters could attend our dinner, all can respond to our calls to action – share our volunteer requests, write to your MP (by sending the attached letter), make a Christmas donation and help us to continue building our networks.

There are inspiring stories of health training from Damian Rake and environmental projects from Mim Buchhorn and brief updates from Fran (South Africa), Kernah (Kiribati) and John (PNG).

We also have a wonderful reflection from Guida Cabrita on what she gained from a Palms Encounter.

Download the complete November 2012 Palms Post (805 kB).

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Solidarity Struggle

I certainly had much trepidation about Palms’ Inaugural Annual Solidarity Awards and Fundraising Dinner. For a start the big name, which evolved with each new expectation we had for the dinner, became somewhat daunting. The business of Palms is usually undertaken with much less fanfare, as you might expect of an organisation encouraging all involved to live justly, love tenderly and walk humbly.

Making Connections

Palms has long understood that realising our vision of a just, sustainable, peaceful and interdependent world would require connecting communities. This part of our mission, whether engaging parishes, schools, friendship groups, workplaces or sporting clubs can be hard work, but it is always rewarding.

Help us find our next volunteers

Communities across Africa, Asia and the Pacific are asking us for volunteers in 2013.

Can you help us by sharing the following requests at work, in your industry or union journal, in your parish newsletter, or through social media?

What do we need at Christmas?

I am wondering what to get the kids for Christmas. My kids are aged 14 – 29 so you can guess that technology figures high on the list. Smart phones, computers, gaming consoles and the like seem to be the go, but how much is a reasonable spend?

How do we measure “reasonable” when it comes to our own? We would give them anything despite knowing it might be excessive. I know that without another thing they really do have the resources to realise a full life.

Past meets present to re-inspire our shared values

The Inaugural Palms Solidarity Awards and Fundraising Dinner connected people around an idea we all share: the all-inclusive value of Solidarity. The words of returnee Monica Morrison and these great photographs from Terence Ho, who volunteered his professional services on the night, encapsulate the many expressions of appreciation we received.

The winners are…

On October 16th, Palms Australia presented six awards in honour of the many ways Australians demonstrate global solidarity.

Health in Hatobuilico

In September we had the very satisfying experience of running basic health training for local villagers. This was rewarding for us because the participants came with so much goodwill, laughter and enthusiasm.

Creating a safe, sustainable environment

Mim has been busy helping communities submit formal proposals for water supply and sanitation projects. This involves walking up to two hours through beautiful mountains; meeting community leaders in traditional homes; drinking coffee; and being invited to chew betelnut and talk water with village elders.

A true learning experience

When people ask me about how my Encounter to East Timor went, I reply, “It was a true, learning experience” and it really was.
Before you start your Encounter, Palms sends you readings by people who have really walked the walk. Participants are then invited to journal their thoughts and form a plan of action that encompasses before, during and after the experience.

I found this part of the journey so beneficial.

News in brief

Three brief updates from Fran Hewitt in South Africa, John Gartner in Papua New Guinea and Kernah Foster in Kiribati.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African proverb