Palms Post: March 2007

March 2007 cover
Palms’ mission does not solely take place overseas. In addition to the development work done overseas, Palms volunteers make valuable contributions to life, work and faith in Australia. There is also news from the field and information about Palms CommUNITY Partnerships, a program which allows the Australian community to be further engaged in volunteer sending. A list of new placements for 2006 was included as an insert with information on how to support particular placements.

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Fair Trade

“All human hearts are welcome here. Whatever their colour, creed, condition or philosophy, (we seek to trade fairly in all our dealings) because everyone is just like you and me wanting happiness, and disliking suffering.”

Palms 86th Orientation Course Evaluation Summary

“Thanks for a memorable eight days – you worked tirelessly to help us all the very best you could. It is refreshing to work with such deeply committed people – nowadays not so common.”

Hope Through Education

We are amazed at the indomitable spirit of our students and the people in the local area, and their resilience in adversity. One of our students, coming to our small 2-bedroom home on the school property, remarked, “What a big house! Don’t you get lonely here?”

Papua New Guinea Field Trip

“It is sometimes difficult to imagine that much change can be made, but each Palms volunteer I visited was testament to the possibilities.”

New placements for 2007

Listed below are five of the confirmed placements for the coming year. We are seeking CommUnity Partners for these and several others which are currently being finalised.

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