Palms Post: June 2010

June 2010 cover
This issue focuses on Papua New Guinea, the site of Palms’ longest lasting partnerships, and “second home” to many Palms volunteers.  Stories from the field are accompanied by background information on the country, volunteer positions vacant and some information on Palms’ Fairtrade coffee.

There are also continuing series such as Director’s Report and a profile of two more valuable contributers to Palms’ work; a reflection on the aid “industry” and a farewell to Fr Cyril Hally a long time supporter of Palms.

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Mission in a Commercial Culture?

When asked about my work I have frequently reflected on how privileged I am to work with so many, willing to give so much. Have I now been called to a harder mission?

Social Capital: A profile of providers

Barbara’s first engagement with Palms started after answering a 2002 advertisement in her church bulletin where we were seeking office volunteers to assist with the administration of enquiries and applications.

Spotlight on Papua New Guinea

This article is too short to adequately describe PNG, but by introducing some interesting facts, I hope it sparks some interest and possibly dispels some myths.

Letters from PNG: Nurse Training

I have recently discovered that I live in what was the morgue of the old hospital, but despite a widespread customary belief in the spirit world I have not had any ghostly experiences.

Letters from PNG: High School Education

Jobs include getting up at 1am and chasing boys back inside the dorms as they managed to get out; getting up at 2am to calm down an entire dormitory of screaming boys because someone saw a ghost – AGAIN!

Why is our PNG Fairtrade Coffee so good?

Coffee is the number one cash crop in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, with over two million people depending on money earned from coffee to cover basic living expenses such as food, children’s school fees, clothing and medicines.

Letters from PNG: Trades and Maintenance

There is also a gang of six from Manam Island who had been trained by Fr Zuccolo who have extended and renovated the other living quarters where people can stay when they come for seminars, conferences or training.

How effective is Australia’s aid?

We should expect our aid money to be used in the most effective way possible and seek a bi-partisan commitment increasing the percentage spent through development NGOs.

Letters from PNG: Administration

While in the field, volunteers often have time to ponder a great variety of topics. Here, Kevin Wilson shares his reflections on cultural and national identity.

In Memorium: Fr Cyril Hally ssc

Since the beginnings of the Paulians Fr Cyril was present, sharing his tremendous wisdom but never attempting to seize the reins.

Volunteers needed for Papua New Guinea in 2011

Palms Australia is seeking expressions of interest from skilled and professional people interested in volunteering in PNG or elsewhere from 2011.

End of Financial Year: Donate Now

Donate Online now or call 02 9518 9551 for details on donating via post, fax or phone.

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