Palms Post: August 2013 Palms Post

Our August edition was wrapped in our Solidarity Awards Invitation. You can order your tickets online now for this terrific event.

In this edition, Roger outlined that the need to work cooperatively for mutual exchange is as great as ever and will remain at Palms’ core.  Recent feedback from partners and volunteers in Timor-Leste confirms there is value in our approach.

We acknowledge a recent grant from Australian Unity Foundation, an expanding partnership with Australian Catholic University and introduce our new Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Sean Dostal. In order to keep our operations efficient, we’re also asking readers to take our short 3-question survey on how they read Palms Post.

We have stories from Emma and Stephen Yates in Zambia, Sue Ryan in Kiribati and Monica Morrison who returned to Timor for her students’ graduation a few years after completing her placement.

Of course, we are always recruiting to try to meet the requests from our partner communities and have included a short list of some the positions we are trying to fill in 2014.

Download the Complete August 2013 Palms Post (1326 kB) as a PDF.

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Leading the way

Our dignity as human beings relies on all of us being both givers and receivers. Shared knowledge and skills can improve all of our lives and it is so important to achieving solidarity that we do not allow our judgements about good development, no matter how well researched, to direct the priorities of receiving communities.

Changes to Palms Post

Reflecting the changing way we communicate, we are hoping to transition much of our readership to the electronic version of our magazine by 2014. Please complete our three question survey to indicate your preferences.

Many hands

We are happy to welcome the newest member of Palms Australia’s team, Sean Dostal, in the role of Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator.

Your plans for 2014?

We are seeking applications from individuals and couples interested in filling a number of requests in 2014.

Mutual relationships

Palms has always sought stronger, more challenging relationships with our partners, and we are proud to announce two exciting new collaborations with ACU.

A focus on wellbeing

Australian Unity Foundation has recognised Palms Australia’s programs as a good way to promote wellbeing globally and in Australia.

Health and Gender

Stephen and Emma Yates explain what their roles as a volunteer doctor and gender justice advocate entail.

Valuable feedback

“The approach of Palms volunteers was noticeably different to other volunteer sending organisations.”

Change can and does occur

Returning to Baucau years after she’d finished her placement, Monica Morrison came to the conclusion that “change can move so slowly when one is in the midst of volunteering. It almost seems imperceptible, but it can and does occur. “

A different way of being

Sue Ryan, a science teacher, lecturer and deputy principal from New Zealand is finding that volunteering in Kiribati is not as slow-paced as one might expect.

A partnership is not about money changing hands. A true partnership is about ideas changing minds. - Jan Vandemoortele