Palms Post: August 2012 Palms Post

August 2012 Palms Post
This issue includes our spotlight health with stories from Claire Michalanney and Sharon Hearns indicating the ways in which volunteer nurses are contributing to communities in Ethiopia and Timor-Leste respectively.

An infographic of the outcomes achieved by Carmel Lawry in her role in South Africa provides an amazing account of how valuable a volunteer can be, reinforcing our often-stated claim that volunteering done well is the best “value-for-money” aid a donor can support.

The big announcements in this issue are around the appointment of Palms Patrons, Deacon Gary Stone, and former President and Prime Minister of Timor-Leste and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr Jose Ramos-Horta.

Both will be attending and speaking at our inaugural Solidarity Awards Dinner on October 16th, featuring broadcaster and author Indira Naidoo as MC. Tickets are on sale now.

We also have accounts of our latest Encounter from our Events Officer, Sarah Torcasio, and Ano and Joanito, two students from Atabae community in Timor-Leste; and reports from trips to Timor and Africa from Christine O’Halloran and Brendan Joyce, respectively.

Finally, we have the opening article, as always the Directors Report by Roger, which ties it all together fittingly reflecting on how the different aspects of Palms’ work interact in rewarding and exciting ways.

You can also view and download the complete August 2012 Palms Post in PDF format (717 kB).

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Symbiotic Fertilisation at 51

Discernment of new directions and the PVF created a symbiotic fertilisation of one another at Palms’ Organisational Review in November 2011. Now as we approach Spring we are seeing some early blooms, but more importantly most volunteer involvement with counterparts has created what we might call a bloom space in which beneficiaries can flourish for years to come.

Two great peacemakers open their hands

We’re excited to announce our new Patrons, who have agreed to assist promote Palms Australia’s vision and mission. We have included here also the selection criteria, in case you can think of someone else who might fit the bill.

Solidarity Awards Dinner

Doltone House provides a tremendous location You can now book online by following this link. Palms Australia will host its inaugural Solidarity Awards and Fundraising Dinner on 16th October 2012 at Doltone House, a very special venue overlooking the world-famous Harbour Bridge. It will be a memorable night of appreciation, inspiration, entertainment and surprises. Join […]

Bushulo Health Centre

The Safe Motherhood outreach program has reduced the number of maternal deaths in the villages. My role has been to help improve the quality of nursing care in the hospital, assist with the management of pharmaceutical supplies and to provide support for the Administrator in the management of this complex range of services.

A first taste

I recently returned from Palms’ July Encounter to Timor-Leste. The Encounter was an amazing journey to a beautiful country with a great group of people! It was much more than a site-seeing trip.

Recounting the encounter

Following the July Encounter, Anne Chapman, asked her students to write a short piece about the visit. These pieces demonstrate the potential of education. Anne says: “Joanito has reached this level with only four hours per week, all with Maria [one of the teachers Anne is mentoring].”

Volunteer Impacts Infographic

This infographic provides an interesting insight into what a single volunteer can contribute to their hosts over 12 months.

Nursing in Atabae

The opportunity to take time out to volunteer was something we could not say no to. I had been part of an Encounter Group visit to Timor-Leste in 2010 and came home to Australia full of the possibilities. It was only a matter of time for all of the jigsaw pieces to fit together!

It’s an honour

I would hope now to champion and promote Palms Australia’s contributions to promoting peace, reducing poverty and contributing to sustainable capacity development. I will do this by seeking to engage with Government and non government leaders and agencies, as well as churches and other people of goodwill.

A Grassroots Approach to Development

Palms Australia continues to receive requests for volunteers from grass roots communities and organisations to assist build capacities across the health, education and agricultural sectors.

Supporting African Initiative

Each field visit provides the great privilege of meeting our partners and being reminded that our volunteers are only a tiny part of a long-term development story which is driven by Africans. It is a terrific reminder of what Palms Australia is all about – supporting local initiative.

Friendships grow between people of different backgrounds and cultures because they meet as persons, not because they share a common heritage.
Such friendships grow because we all belong to the largest group of all, the human race. - Jean Vanier