News: Timor-Leste Photo Essay

Daniel, Fr Adriano, Christine and Benjamin
Daniel Gilfillan, Fr Adriano Ola, Christine and Benjamin Oh in Gleno, Ermera district. Daniel has recently completed his placement in Ermera district.

Maria from Atabae
Maria at Atabae Community Health Centre explains the purposes of some supplements. Maria is the counterpartof Palms volunteer Margaret Hall, has been working with her husband David in Atabae since 2006.

Sally, Christine and Ben
Sally Johnson, Christine and Ben Kildea at Maliana district hospital. Sally and Ben are working on a health project at Maliana Hospital in partnership with the Rotary Club of Morialta.

a student at Fuiloro
Confidence building is a key outcome of Morano Girls’ College, Fuiloro. Here, students take turns to speak in English at a Class meeting. English is the skill for hospitality students seeking employment in Timor-Leste’s fledgling tourism industry. Ida Greenway is the second Palms volunteer to work in Fuiloro.

Donna, Christine and Ellie
Donna Furler, Christine and Ellie Virgona catch the Ferry to Atauro Island. Donna is volunteering as a Dental Assistant at Bairo Pite Clinic in Dili and surrounds. Ellie has been volunteering as a Teacher Trainer in Ermera district.

Barry, Mardy and Mick
Palms Australia’s Timor-Leste In-Country Co-ordinator Barry Hinton, with his two boys Mardy and Mick. Barry and his wife Lina will be hosting Palms’ Encounters at Nema’s Eco-Lodge on Atauro Island (see back cover).

Celina and Veronica
Celina and Veronica, Palms’ first Reverse Immersion participants back in Timor-Leste. Their former teachers report Celina and Veronica thrived and been very successful in sharing their learning from Australia.

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