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John O’Dwyer and two apprentices inspect a vehicle in Aitape, PNG, 1990.
As part of our year of Jubilee, we’ve undertaken to revisit our vision and mission to ensure it continues to guide our work.

We understand that it is not enough to rest on our past achievements, or to remain static in a changing world, and it is in this spirit of mindfulness that we review our work, our partnerships and our purpose.

Following a detailed period of reflection and consultation, beginning with our organisational review in November, we’ve come up with what we believe more clearly articulates our vision and mission and the approach necessary to achieve them.

Please take the time to read the result and offer feedback by emailing

Our Vision

People cooperating across cultures in order to achieve a just, sustainable, interdependent and peaceful world free of poverty.

Our Mission

Recruit and prepare volunteers that are able to:

1. Engage Australian communities with international communities to increase their awareness, enthusiasm and mutual involvement in action that achieves just, sustainable and peaceful development.

2. Participate in an exchange of knowledge and skills to meet the requests of communities seeking to reduce poverty by developing the capacity of their people and organisations.

Our Approach

The vision and mission will be enabled where all are prepared and inspired to engage mutually enriching and challenging relationships of understanding, acceptance and care, and to share worlds of meaning in the deepest sense, with a people of a culture different from one’s own. This is how we “open our hands to the world” and achieve the solidarity described in Palms’ Values Statement.

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All people desire peace but only few want the things which result in peace. - Thomas of Kempen