News: Orientation Course

Carol and Corrie
In January this year, Palms ran its 90th Orientation Course at The Hermitage, Mittagong.

22 participants participated in sessions on health, culture and development with a view to travelling to PNG, Kiribati, Timor-Leste, Samoa, Uganda and Palestine (see page 22).  3 more participants joined our shorter Encounter sub-course, which provides an introduction to crossing cultures.

Here is a selection of the evaluations we received from participants:

“I enjoyed the course thoroughly. The opportunity to share this week with like-minded individuals was inspirational. I felt the PALMS team did a good job instilling in us a good dose of reality- in that we need to be pragmatic in a world of no black and white; where we have to wrestle with our conscience and/or beliefs constantly.”

“This has been a very professionally run program with high quality presentations. A very good program!”

Rob and Peter
“The course was well structured and catered for a variety of learning preferences…. Overall, it was very worthwhile and I feel much more prepared for a placement and informed than before.”

“A wonderful week – well planned and executed. Extremely high level of competence/knowledge of presenters much appreciated. Also appreciated the way that everyone’s issues/ideas were addressed and full participation of delegates encouraged. Thank you all concerned in organization. Excellent venue.”

“Great course, Variety of activities that pushed us out of comfort zone- a real authentic course- not just theoretical knowledge…. it was great to have people participating from a variety of backgrounds- it enriched the whole group.”

The next Orientation Course is scheduled from 7th – 15th January 2011.  People interested in volunteering in 2011 should contact Palms Australia as soon as possible.

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