News: October 31st – Save the date

For 50 years, Palms Australia has been building relationships between people of different cultures.  Each relationship rewards in countless ways.

This year, we are reaching out to establish new corporate partnerships. Australian businesses can benefit too from engaging cross-culturally through Palms’ programs.

Direct connections can be made to overseas communities through the work of our volunteers.

Palms’ expert training on personal growth and conflict resolution can assist improve effectiveness. This is particularly true for organisations working overseas or cross-culturally as we provide training on working in new environments, understanding
different protocols and establishing respectful cross-cultural working relationships.

Palms Encounters can enhance staff relationships, increase creativity and innovation, and promote corporate responsibility.

Our special fundraising dinner to be held the evening of Wednesday October 31st will represent the culmination of our campaign to engage corporate leaders.

Your support can help us to spread the word. Do you know an organisation that could benefit from a partnership with Palms? Let us know by contacting Sarah Torcasio at or on (02) 9518 9551.

Your support in helping us to develop new partnerships will help to ensure that Palms is able to prepare, send and support volunteers well into the future.

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