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Mary Seong and Andrew Leong

Mary and Andrew’s married life has held a number of adventures. Their latest will be as volunteers with Bairo Pite Hospital in Dili and Virgem Maria Clinica Medico in Railaco respectively. This midwife and doctor were inspired to volunteer in Timor-Leste following their Palms Encounter last year.

Michele Keating

Michele, a registered nurse, will volunteer in Railaco splitting her time between Virgem Maria Clinica Medico and Communidade Edmund Rice’s health centre. She will work to improve primary health care and health education for rural Timorese.

Rebecca Blundell

Rebecca is volunteering as an organisational development officer for Fundacao Lafaek Diak (FLD) in Triloka, Timor-Leste. FLD provides services in health, education, agricultural skills and community empowerment. Rebecca will work with staff to build upon their program delivery skills.

Leanne Hayes

Leanne will volunteer with Balibo Community Learning Centre assisting staff and the broader community address unemployment, increase revenues for its mechanical workshop and women’s co-op and develop skills in designing, managing and evaluating development and training activities.

Glenn Mason

Glenn will build upon the work of Paul Tan with the Diocese of Daru-Kiunga. Bishop Gilles has requested Glenn work with staff to identify and develop opportunities for further improvement to effectiveness and accountability in program delivery in P.N.G.’s Western Province.

Bernadette Radford

Following the work of Peter Smyth, Bernadette will advise and provide training for staff at Divine Word University in Madang in legal issues. A firm legal footing, with regard to land, employment contracts, financial or academic matters, will allow DWU to continue providing high quality tertiary education.

Sue Ryan

An experienced science teacher from New Zealand, Sue will volunteer with Sacred Heart College in Kiribati. Sue and the local teachers will work together to establish quality education practices benefitting current and future I-Kiribati students.

Emma and Stephen Yates

After liaising with Catholic Mission, the Zambia Episcopal Conference, contacted Palms to request a Gender Justice Focus Person and a Medical Practitioner to volunteer in Lusaka. Emma and Stephen, a lawyer and doctor, have answered the call and will be joined on the journey by their two sons.

Heather Henderson

(Turn to page 12 for Heather’s story)

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