News: In Memorium: Fr Cyril Hally ssc

Cyril Hally at the 50th anniversary of the Paulian Association
In 2008, at the dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Paulian Association, Fr Cyril Hally boldly proclaimed his belief that the “See, Judge, Act” preparation provided to members of Cardijn organisations, such as the Paulian Association and YCW, gave lay people a better model for Catholic action than years of study gave some priests.  It may be a controversial statement, and is repeated by a lay organisation with some reluctance and embarrassment and just a little pride, but it reflects Cyril’s strong belief in the capacity of lay people to be active leaders in the Church.

Since the beginnings of the Paulians Fr Cyril was present, sharing his tremendous wisdom but never attempting to seize the reins.  His understanding of mission was second to none and he carried his mission into all his dealings with our founders, staff and volunteers.  Cyril contributed to the training of so many Palms volunteers and the news of his passing was met with many fond recollections of his contributions to courses in Turramurra and Mittagong.  The many online tributes (linked below) demonstrate the breadth of his interests and influence on so many organisations and individuals. Who knows in how many people his ideas still live on?

In emails we have received, Cyril has been described as a “mentor”, “friend”, “prophet”, “fine priest” and “great man”. He was certainly all of these things and more and will be fondly remembered by Palms. We hope we can continue our mission with his passion, enthusiasm, humility and energy.

Some online tributes to Fr Cyril Hally SSC

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