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While reading our volunteer stories in each edition of Palms Post, have you ever wanted to just fly over and see for yourself?

Palms Encounters provide a brief glimpse into another culture, without the time commitment required to volunteer.

Our 12-day Encounters to Timor-Leste and Kiribati are more than a holiday, with a variety of activities designed to provide insight and provoke reflection.

Benefitting from the best of Palms’ Cross-cultural experience, Palms Encounter participants have the opportunity to go beyond tourism, sowing the seeds for mutual cross-cultural relationships and a just, peaceful and interdependent world.

The whole experience is provided at an extraordinarily low cost so that we can bring these values to more Australians. Places are filling up for the following trips, so please contact us soon to reserve up to 8 places per trip.

Encounter Timor-Leste

Cross the Timor Sea to visit one of Australia’s closest neighbours. Beginning at Barry’s Eco-lodge you will travel around the country visiting many of Palms’ partners from the highlands to the coast.

Departing: July 1st – 13th
Departing: September 23rd – October 5th

Encounter Kiribati

Touch down on an atoll which rises just a few metres above sea level and pause to truly consider climate change. Visit the projects where Palms Australia volunteers work with local staff to provide quality education and improved systems.

Departing: November 12th – 25th

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