News: Changes to Palms Post

Since our first edition in December 1961, Palms Post has undergone numerous changes, most recently becoming a compact-sized 24-page magazine, available in print and as an email newsletter.

Reflecting the changing way we communicate, we are hoping to transition much of our readership to the electronic version of our magazine by 2014.

Overseas partners, paid members or donors contributing $50 or more per year may opt to continue receiving Palms Post by mail.

We welcome your feedback, however, and ask you to complete our three question survey below.

Below are some of the benefits of switching to an email/online format.

  • Timely content: Instead of a single newsletter once per quarter, we may opt for a shorter monthly email making our stories and news more relevant.
  • Cost: Reduced printing and postage costs mean our income from donations can be used to respond to more requests from overseas partners.
  • Interactivity/multimedia: Electronic articles may allow immediate links to additional resources such as further reading, photo galleries, appeals or surveys.
  • Sharing: Articles are more easily shared through social media, thereby increasing the reach of our mission of just and peaceful development.
  • Staff time: The staff and volunteer time spent “stuffing”, labelling and posting, can be directed towards other aspects of our mission.
  • Greater control: You will be able to easily subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters or change your email address through a simple form.

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