News: New volunteer profiles online

Elly Armagos
Profiles of new volunteers, to depart in 2010, have been added to Palms’ website.

Each volunteer will give two years of their lives and their skills to reducing poverty in their new host community. A diverse range of skills will be provided, targetted to meet the needs identified by Palms’ partners.

Palms Australia is seeking supporters for these placements, willing to make a regular commitment to sustaining this work.

The average volunteer lives on less than 10% of an Australian’s wage. If just 10 Australians can give 1% of their wage, Palms can provide a:

So, choose one volunteer and commit to supporting them during their two years.

More placements will be placed online shortly, but in the meantime, we ask your help in finding 10 Australians to give 1%. Contact Palms for more information.

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