News: Mittagong, Melbourne, Brisbane Focus Workshops

Participants at Palms' Orientation Course
Palms Australia will be holding a series of Focus Workshops for people interested in volunteering overseas.

The Focus Workshops are a great way to meet other people interested in volunteering, make contact with Palms Australia, find out more about what Palms’ volunteers do, and further explore whether volunteering overseas is right for you.

Participants will share in the expertise and experiences of Palms Australia staff and returned volunteers.

The workshops, including lunch, on May 23rd at Mittagong, June 27 in Melbourne and July 18 in Brisbane, are available to people making a donation to Palms Overseas Fund of $40.

The Focus Workshop is also great preparation for people interested in participating in a Palms Encounter.

To reserve your place, please call (02) 9518 9551, contact Brendan Joyce online.

Palms Australia also plans to conduct a focus workshop in Hobart. To remain informed about coming events, contact Brendan Joyce online.

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