News: June 2011 Palms Post now online

June 2011 Palms Post
A jam-packed edition of Palms Post, with updates from the field from four countries.

Also included are an announcement of Palms’ re-engagement with AusAID after much hard work on behalf of our staff and members, lobbying for a government program which recognised the value of agencies such as Palms.

We also highlight the importance of membership and call for nominations to our board of directors.

Finally, another letter from a returned volunteer, Manfred Hacker, reflecting on the work of Palms volunteers over our 50 years.


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There is both a moral and social responsibility attaching to these experiences of foreign cultures,
and if nothing awakens in our own soul, making claims and demands upon us,
calling us to change the way we live, then we have been merely parasites and invaders. - David Tacey