News: Interested in volunteering? Workshops in Adelaide & Brisbane

2010 Orientation Course
Palms Australia will be hosting workshops in Adelaide and Brisbane for people interested in international volunteering.

Whether you’ve committed yourself to the idea, are wondering what volunteering might involve or are curious about Palms’ approach to volunteering, you should come to one of our workshops.

Palms’ staff will be in Adelaide on Saturday 28th August; and in Brisbane on Saturday 11th September.

Details are as follows:

Introduction to International Development Volunteering

Have you ever considered volunteering overseas to reduce poverty?
This workshop explores the broad dilemmas of cross-cultural development work; discusses how mutual and effective cross-cultural working relationships can be developed; and introduces how Australians can best contribute to development, while avoiding the well-intentioned mistakes of the past.

Highly recommended for people interested in volunteering overseas for development.

Cost: $40, including lunch.

Visit our events page to reserve your place or contact us for more information.

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You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. - Kahlil Gibran