News: Fairtrade Coffee for Christmas – the perfect gift

Now is the perfect time to purchase coffee for your christmas gifts from The Fair Trade Coffee Company.

There are many reasons Fairtrade Coffee makes a wonderful gift:

  1. By buying a consumable product like coffee or drinking chocolate, your gift will be appreciated and not be a waste of the world’s limited resources. It won’t gather dust on a shelf and the “thank you” you receive will be genuine.
  2. Fairtrade certification guarantees a fair wage to coffee growers, meaning your generosity to your family does inadvertantly come at a cost to others;
  3. Fairtrade products also provide a small premium to support local development concerns, meaning you are also contributing to healthcare, education or community building projects for the coffee growers and their families;
  4. All our products are also organic, meaning the land on which it is grown is looked after and farmers will be able to continue their activities well into the future.
  5. The Fair Trade Coffee Company is owned by Palms Australia, meaning all profit goes to placing volunteers who train teachers, nurses, administrators and tradespeople in our partner communities.
  6. We can provide full strength or decaffeinated coffee and can sell whole beans or pre-grind it for your particular requirements.
  7. We also stock delicious Fairtrade Organic Drinking Chocolate, for people with a sweet tooth.
  8. Orders of 4kg or more have free postage.
  9. There’s no reason why you couldn’t add a bag or two for your own cupboard.

To order your coffee for Christmas, please visit

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