Where do we work?: Kenya

Population: 46,851,200

Area: 582,650 sq. km.

Median Age: 18.7

Literacy: 85.1 %

Languages: English, Kiswahili, numerous indigenous languages

With an estimated population of between 45 and 47 million, an exceptionally high unemployment rate, over 42% of the population under the age of fifteen and HIV, malaria, typhoid and other diseases common, few children in Nairobi have not experienced loss.

Education is one of the key strategies for dealing with extreme poverty, often providing the only chance for people to provide a better life for their families.

Over 30 distinct languages or dialects are spoken in Kenya. The main groups of tribes are the Bantu who migrated from western Africa, the Nilotic people who originated from Sudan and the Hamitic group, who were mainly pastoral tribes from Ethiopia and Somalia.

Current Volunteers   Recent Volunteers
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Below are some profiles of volunteers currently working in Kenya.

Bev Watkinson

Bev Watkinson is volunteering at Ruben Centre, Kenya

Heather Henderson

Heather Henderson is volunteering as Academic Co-ordinator in the Ruben Centre, Nairobi for two years. She previously volunteered for Palms with the Atabae Community, Timor Leste

First Impressions Mukuru

October 24, 2016

by Bev Watkinson Bev, a ‘retiree’ from Brisbane, has already volunteered in China, Timor Leste and on the streets of New York; Now fulfilling a lifelong dream, she is volunteering at the Ruben Centre in Nairobi- It all started with an incredible yearning to live in Kenya….who knows maybe it was a childhood dream to […]

The Driving Force

June 29, 2016

by Heather Henderson Just over a year into her second Palms placement, Heather Henderson describes the things which drive and inspire her work: A very personal statement but one all volunteers can relate to- Throughout my life I always had a desire to travel the world and work in areas of need.┬á I have always […]

Reflections in order to look forward

April 4, 2016

by Heather Henderson I am almost 12 months into my placement here at Ruben School in Mukuru kwa Ruben. It has been an amazing journey of education for me and to my host community. This community continues to embrace my efforts to help and advise where and when I am asked. It is a mutual […]

Bev Watkinson in Kenya

March 29, 2016

Bev Watkinson is volunteering at Ruben Centre, Kenya

Senior Nurse

October 14, 2015

A community NFP in Nairobi, Kenya, requests a Senior Nurse to assist operations and build staff capacity in its new multi service centre. Casual labour in local manufacturing industries or sale of market produce are the main forms of employment in Nairobi. Generally low incomes mean the youth are often attracted to prostitution, drug dealing […]

Open Hearts in Nairobi

September 7, 2015

Heather Henderson, our latest ‘serial volunteer’ wasted no time between completing┬áher placement in Timor Leste and beginning another in Kenya! Five months into her new role she writes- In May 2015 I found myself boarding a flight to Nairobi, Kenya, on the invitation of The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers and with the support of Palms […]

Heather Henderson volunteering in Mukuru, Kenya

February 9, 2015

Heather Henderson is volunteering as Academic Co-ordinator in the Ruben Centre, Nairobi for two years. She previously volunteered for Palms with the Atabae Community, Timor Leste

Academic Coordinator

August 12, 2014

A catholic primary school, situated in Nairobi, is undergoing a rapid expansion program to meet the challenge of high student enrollment. Although this indicates enthusiasm for learning, high enrollment has stretched resources and threatens to lower education standards. This is being addressed through a new project┬áto employ additional teaching staff, improve teacher training and increase […]

Below are some of the volunteer positions Palms Australia is seeking to fill in . To find out more about any position or about other opportunities, please enquire about volunteering with Palms Australia.

Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural.
It is man made and can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. - Nelson Mandela