Where do we work?: Fiji

Population: 944,720

Area: 18,274 sq. km.

Median Age: 25.5

Literacy: 93.7 %

Languages: English (official), Fijian (official), Hindustani

Often portrayed as an island paradise by tourists from developed nations, Fiji still faces many challenges.

Media coverage has focussed on tensions between Melanesian Fijians and Indo-Fijians which, combined with some allegations of corruption, have resulted in several military coups and a fragile democratic system. This does not always reflect the reality, however, with many committed Fijians of different ethnicities working together to achieve development.

Like many other Pacific nations, a large percentage of the countries income comes from tourism and remittances from overseas.

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Palms Australia has previously prepared and sent volunteers to this country, but does not have any in the field at present.  We may have outstanding requests for volunteers in this country which we hope to fill in the near future.

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