Programs and Placement: Volunteer Code of Conduct

The Palms Australia Volunteer Code of Conduct is based on the Australian Council For International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct and the Palms Australia development philosophy and policy.


Palms Australia upholds the ACFID Code of Conduct and agrees to:
“ creative and trusting relationships with the people of developing countries and to meet program standards which:

  • Give priority to the needs and interests of the people they serve;
  • Encourage self-help and self-reliance among the beneficiaries and thus avoid creating dependency;
  • Involve beneficiary groups to the maximum extent possible in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and programs;
  • Respect and foster internationally recognised human rights, both socio-economic and civil-political;
  • Where possible seek to enhance gender equity; and
  • Are based on an understanding of the history and culture of the people served”


Palms Australia understands development to be:
an economic, social, cultural, spiritual and ecological process which encourages the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals, communities and organisations to reduce poverty, enjoy and nurture basic human rights and independence, and work towards a future where the interdependence of economic and ecological sustainability is achieved.

Palms Australia Global Volunteers contribute to the on-going process of community development through skills & knowledge transfer, capacity building and working collaboratively.  The role of Palms Australia in the development process is one based on partnership and interdependence rather than external control and the creation of dependence.  Such partnerships foster accountability and solidarity.  In this way, both Palms Australia Global Volunteers and Requesting Communities contribute to a process of development that is characterised by respect, mutuality, trust and equality.


Under the code, Palms Australia Global Volunteers agree to:

  • Uphold the standards articulated in the ACFID Code of Conduct
  • Work towards the achievement of the Palms Australia Vision and Mission
  • Abide by the laws, regulations & employment rules of the country of placement and employer.
  • To maintain a professional standard of behaviour, in line with the Palms Australia Child Protection Code of Conduct (to be signed separately).
  • Avoid involvement in party or sectarian politics, and public comment on political or religious matters.
  • Refrain from any wrongdoing or conduct that may bring Palms Australia, its program or the Commonwealth of Australia into disrepute.
  • Perform the duties set out in the Position Description in the best interests of the requesting community.
  • Provide accurate & reliable reports to Palms Australia or donors when requested.
  • Act in a manner which gives due respect to the dignity, values, history, religion and culture of the people with whom they work consistent with the principles of basic Human Rights (ACFID Code of Conduct).
  • Cooperate with Palms to create and develop links with Australian Institutions for your own professional support in the field and the ongoing development support of the overseas partner with whom you work.
  • Take adequate precautions to ensure personal security including:
    • abiding by the security advice given by Palms Australia;
    • immediately advising Palms Australia of any health, safety or security threat;
    • maintaining a sufficient balance of credit on their mobile phone.
  • avoid all comment to the media during any period of crisis, health or security threat, including during or after an evacuation.

Updated Tuesday 17th May 2011

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