Preparation and Support: Participant Support Guidelines

This document has been developed to clearly outline the principles governing the support that the Palms Australia staff provides to volunteers in the Global Volunteer program. These principles are informed by the ACFID Guidance Document and People in Aid: Code of best practice in the management and support of aid personnel and are to be read in conjunction with the Palms Australia Privacy Policy.

Principle 1 — That Palms Australia staff will listen with respect to volunteers, recognizing their unique contribution to mission & development, while being responsive and consultative in all phases of the Global Volunteer program.

Principle 2 — That Palms Australia in collaboration with Palms Australia partners will ensure that volunteers are informed of job requirements; performance expectations; reporting channels; living arrangements and will receive suitable levels of support/guidance and feedback whilst in placement.

Principle 3 — That Palms Australia will maintain a high standard in the provision of preparatory training & resources for volunteers before, during and after field placement to maximize the well-being, capacity and rights of volunteers.

Principle 4 — That Palms Australia will aim to ensure ongoing volunteer security and minimize and manage risk, especially in areas of high vulnerability and post-conflict or natural disaster situations. Volunteers will be briefed prior to departure & throughout placement on any pertinent security & health risk specific to the country, insurance arrangements and medical evacuations.

Principle 5 – to endorse and inform volunteers of current development issues and best practice initiatives as outlined by Palms Australia, ACFID and AusAID.

Principle 6 — to maintain high levels of staff competency in the provision of support to volunteers before, during and after field placement.

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